Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bing vs Google

Terbaca kat Kosmo tadi Bing nak lawan ngan Google. Bukan lawan pedang, just compete to be the best internet search engine. So, mari kita compare kan result from google and bing. Search for 'ally-fazdly', which my blog address.

Bing's result

One and only result. Which is this blog address. OK. So, kira ok lah. Dapat cari gak website ku yang x glamer nih.

Google's result

Haaaa, berderet. This ally-fazdly name digunakan untuk blog i kat friendster and my friendster's url as well. So, the results also listed my friendster nyer link. Baguih. Besides, google's result also indicate the link for more results from Ha, more details in google's result.

Jadi... Bing vs Google... Saper yang menang?????? Lu fikirlah sendiriiii....

mood:~lets googling...~

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